Johns Creek: Become a Top City for Healthcare Innovation & Wellness

Why Healthcare Innovation & Wellness?

It is a strength, identity and focus we can own. There is something for everyone:
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iHeart Johns Creek Discussion & Resolution Passage

Slides: General Presentation

Timeline: Proposed City-wide Strategic Plan

Video: Citizen Advisory Committee Presentation

Invest in Our Strengths

Two traits describe Johns Creek where health and wellness serve well as a central theme:
Well-Being & Resilience

Who is Johns Creek?   What do we want to be known for now and in the future?
As a city, we've been working through this since its formation.  Just as an identity brings a sense of purpose, drive and clarity to life for an individual, a city deserves to have one today and the foreseeable future.

Proposed Theme - Health, Wellness, Healthcare Innovation
Proposed Aspiration - Become a Top 10 U.S. City in Healthcare Innovation & Wellness

Johns Creek would now also be well-known for something we collectively create. Health and wellness has something we each can get behind and contribute.  It's relevant for every age, background, and economic stage. Building on this, we can eventually branch out and leverage other strengths to invest in a legacy of a resilient city for years to come.

We have the pieces.   Health and wellness are ever-present in our community.  So, let's fully embrace the identity and march forward with a collective purpose that makes sense for all of us.

Happy Anniversary Johns Creek; Here's to the next 10 years of health, resilience and well-being!


It takes a community to nurture the effort. Here's a sample of folks who could play a role.


Mayor & Council
With a focused vision and aspiration, governance with a wellness and healthcare lens can provide the ultimate legacy for years to come.


Economic Development
Works to promote the city, recruit firms and deploy strategic economic development around becoming the top healthcare city in the US as well as our active lifestyle.

Johns Creek Healthcare Association

Membership / Community Organization
Building a cohesive community of professionals who drive education, health and patient access to quality care, organize legislatively to ensure that the highest quality of care remains available in our community, state and country.


Business Resource & Education
Continues to promote retail, professional services and SMB including healthcare and healthy living.


Convention & Visitors Bureau
The CVB can place a healthcare lens on hosting industry professionals, events and specialty possible tours in the space.

Arts Center

Serving the Arts Community
We connect through art which captures a place, a time and an emotion. Exploring our creativity opens possibilities and unlocks healing properties.


Symphony Orchestra
Well-known that music can move the soul to enlightenment, inspiration and well-being


Parks and Recreation
An obvious contribution to the well-being of residence and assets for healthcare, the parks and recreation contributes to our active lifestyle.


Places & Communities of Worship
Provides a sense of purpose, connection, support, and community embodying a core contribution to high level of health and well-being.

Public Safety

Police, Fire, Service
Explore the connections that these wonderful service folks can connect to the greater healthcare community…both business and residential.


Legacy Building
A new healthcare focus can allow JCF to adapt their services to directly improve the quality of life and care. Also facilitate charitable contributions for legacy building.


Community Association


Local Service Organization
Another wonderful organization w. great character, culture. Emphasis on citizenship & helping people w. developmental disabilities aligns well for the vision.


Local Service Organization
Rotarians, famously known for humanitarian services & goodwill supports expanding our healthcare and well-being contribution within and beyond the borders of JC.

JC Schools

Promote the active lifestyle, healthy diet, and leverage local healthcare resources to inspire and innovate at an early age regardless of their path.

Johns Creek Veterans Association

Local & Regional Veterans Affairs
Improving the Health & Wellness for Veterans and their families

Leadership Johns Creek

Community Education & Awareness

Student Leadership Johns Creek

Student Community Education & Awareness

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